Primigi Caleb Shoe - Black



For over 30 years Primigi, the most popular brand with Italian mothers, has been committed to the most demanding consumers of all: children.

One of the features that set Primigi shoes apart are their insoles. The new AIR EFFECT SYSTEM insole found in Primigi shoes consists of a soft layer of foam material lined with two layers of natural leather. Its secret lies in a special seal that closes the outer lining hermetically without compression, thus creating a soft cushion. At each step, the air trapped inside moves from heel to toe and vice versa, conforming to the foot in movement while carrying out a reinvigorating massage. The result is a comfortable support for your child's feet.

Another great feature of Primigi insoles is the SKY EFFECT SYSTEM which gives little feet a boost of energy and freshness. Lightly padded and lined with natural leather to protect from the hardness of the ground, this insole provides a natural support for the foot. Primigi insoles are extra light, pliable, breathable, antibacterial, removable and washable!

Comfort, great styling, and good fit make Primigi a leader in children's shoes.

Colour: Black

Caleb is a plain, black leather boys school shoe with a double velcro strap.


Age Group Kids
Gender Male
Colour Black
Size Euro 25/Infant UK 08
Style Shoes
Make Primigi
Model Caleb


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