BlogPrevent your Kids from developing Foot Problems early

Prevent your Kids from developing Foot Problems early

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Think before you buy your kids shoes, don't ignore the various elements of foot care advised by leading experts.

Your kids feet grow at a rapid rate in comparison to yours, growing up to two sizes in just six months. Growth is a key part of the consideration process when selecting the right kids shoes. When purchasing kids shoes leading foot specialists encourage allowing room in the shoe for growth, however not excessive room, as oversized shoes will cause their feet to slide forward, putting excessive pressure on their little toes. Approximately a 1 cm gap from the end of the shoe to the tip of their big toe is perfect.

The other extreme are shoes which are either too small or too tight, causing blisters, calluses or worse leading to infections and medical conditions which require treatment.

Shoe specifications to look for when choosing kids shoes include proper sole cushioning, arch support, good shock absorption, whether the toe box flexes easily as it should, and to ensure the shoe does not bend in the middle of the sole.

If your little one experiences toe redness, heel pain, ankle sprains or any other common foot problems, consult a professional podiatrist immediately.

If your kids have wide toes or flat feet, you will need to purchase shoes with a wide toe box to maximise arch support and offer the comfort they require. Often kids may find it awkward to run, walk or regularly suffer with cramp.

Studies revealed the best style of shoe is the Oxford, lace-up shoe which allows enough depth for an orthotic insert, however fit nicely to the foot.

Giant Strides can't cure kids foot problems, but we can support little feet to help prevent any common foreseeable problems...

We have many different styles of shoes available for all kids age groups, with brands offered at amazing prices.

Avoid Kids' Foot Problems With the Right Shoes

Before you head to the store to buy your kids back-to-school shoes, follow these helpful guidelines to prevent or minimize foot problems from poorly fitting or worn out shoes.

If you would like advise on the best kids shoes to buy for specific activities, simply contact us today.

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