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Giant Strides Kids Croc Jibbitz


Our kids Croc Jibbitz, the perfect way for your little ones to personalise their Crocs. Whether they want LED Jibbitz, Hello Kitty Jibbitz, Dinosaur Jibbitz, Disney Jibbitz or Limited Edition Jibbitz and much more, we can provide these little Croc accessories at great value. A kids choice often reflects their individual hobbies and interests, making them feel unique.

Simply add and remove different combinations to classic Croc upper soles, making them even more colourful. Whether your little ones are a fan of animals, sports, flowers or Disney, there is something for everyone.

Perhaps you have heard of Jibbitz Wristbands too? Designed to add a few of their favourites to and wear all day long. If you have any questions about our range, please contact us today to find out more.