Giant Strides Hunter Boot Accessories


Why not protect your wellies, with our range of Hunter boot accessories, and keep them looking as shiny as new throughout the year, dispite your kids muddy adventures. Our accessories, will maintain the condition of your wellies, and add a natural finishing coat of protection.

Our instant Hunter boot shine is provided with a silicone impregnated sponge, which givesyour Hunter Boots a buffed finish, but must not be used on suede or nubuck. It may cause slight darken to certain materials, therefore always test before general use. The pack contains its own durable casing, ideal to carry whilst traveling or at home.

Our Hunter Boot Buffer restores the natural finish to your rubber boots quickly and easily. Clear instructions of how to use the protective product are provided on the bottle, to read, as all do's and do not's are highlighted before application, to ensure you do not damage your Hunter boots. Once used wipe away all excess liquid and buff to restore the original finish. An extra note to not use this product on boots with a metallic finish is displayed.


Hunter Instant Boot Shine
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