BlogHelen Mirren and Alan Cumming love Crocs

Helen Mirren and Alan Cumming love Crocs

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"The Queen" loves Crocs

The actor who was casted as the Queen of England for the film "The Queen" has seen on the Jimmy Fallon's TV show wearing Union Jack Crocs.
She mentioned that she had become a fan of the clogs through her friend and fellow actor Alan Cummings, he introduced them to her whilst filming on the set for film The Tempest in Hawaii. She said to Jimmy

"Alan is a very stylish guy, really cool, a sharp dresser and he's wearing these hideous things on his feet!" She continued to jest "Alan, how can you been seen dead in those shoes? They're so awful"

Alan only had to reply with a simple remark
"Try a pair on, you'll see". 

She then tried them on and became an addict to how comfortable they were to wear, Helen also said that she would clean her crocs in the dishwasher.
Though we wouldn't recommend cleaning your crocs in the dishwasher it's clearly a signal to how robust kids crocs can be.
Have a look at our range of Kids Crocs with some items being on special offer today!

Dame Helen Mirren snaps up a pair of Crocs… and washes them in the dishwasher

BETTER known for style and sophistication actress Dame Helen Mirren has revealed a love for unglamorous footwear.

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