Giant Strides Creative Heelys for kids

Heelys is a unique idea, which have become one of the best selling shoe designs in countries all over the world. They are efficient and easy to wear, as they adapt two different types of footwear into one. Heelys for kids were first created in 2000, which allow kids to skate by rolling onto their heels, and simply shifting their body weight. Heelys are created using the wheels from a skateboard, built into a trainer. The wheels give good balance allowing kids to simply transform instantly from walking to rolling.
Giant Strides have a huge range of Kids Heelys available, as we are a Heelys UK approved stockist. Kids Heelys are available in a range of sizes, up to a junior UK 6. They are practical yet fun, and remain lightweight and stylish.
We supply an extensive range of standard Heelys for Kids, with new additional light up style Heelys for girls and boys. Different materials such as canvas, mesh and suede textures are used in a variety of creative designs. The footwear is available in a variety of light and dark colours for boys and girls, giving great summer and winter looks.

Heelys Sport - White/Navy/Red
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