BlogHavaianas flip flops…the oldest footwear in history?

Havaianas flip flops…the oldest footwear in history?

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Have Havaianas flip flops been around for 6,000 years?

Of course not, but thong sandals (flip flops) have been. According to the history books the first thong was actually produced in Egypt around 4,000 BC. While these first thongs were made of papyrus, the airy shoes have been made out of various materials in various cultures. People throughout history have used whatever is on hand to make thongs – rawhide (Africa), wood (India), Rice Straw (China and Japan) and native plant leaves (South America and Mexico).

The thong began its rise in Western Culture after World War II, when American soldiers returned from Japan with the lightweight footwear. Since then the thong has been made into various materials and worn by millions of feet across the globe.

Havaianas is a Brazilian brand of thong (flip flops) that certainly has made its mark on the footwear market. They started producing flip flop thongs in 1962 and by 2010 they were producing 150 million pairs of Havaianas per year.

Below is a list of what the thong is called around the world.

Britain and U.S.A – Flip Flops
Japan – Zori
Brazil – Chinelos (usually referred to as Havaianas)
New Zealand – Jandals (Japanese Sandals)
Poland – Japonki
Spain – Chancletas
Italy – Infraditi
France – Nu-pieds

So why buy Havaianas kids flip flops from Giant Strides?

Kids Havaianas are easier to slip on and off, they strengthen feet, they promote healthier skin, are fashionable (designer flop flops), cooler to wear when warm and great for swimming pools or beaches.

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The Giant Strides collection of boys, girls and baby Havaiana flip flops will put a big smile on your loved ones faces, with Disney Havaianas, patterned and plain Havaianas matching any outfit. There are many designer flip flop styles available such as Urbis, Espadrilles and Power.

‘Frozen’ Crystal Rose flip flops are particularly popular, so too are Kids Heroes and T Rex Olive flip flops are frighteningly good.

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