Giant Strides Winter Boys Red Snow Boots


We provide girls and boys with quality branded footwear, our winter collections ensure your kids feet stay dry and warm. Our snow boots are popular throughout the winter months, in an array of designer brands, colours and styles, full of practical features, designed to protect kids feet in the snow, slush and rain.

Our footwear displayed below shows a few of our favoured models. Our Olang Goku boys red snow boots have a quilted nylon outer shell, with a durable two tone sole to make the boots hard wearing. The double velcro strap closure ensures the boot remains securely on each foot. The inside of the snow boots are lined with extra warm Sherpa fleece, with soft faux fur cuffs to finish, adding comfort and warmth to a practical item of winter footwear.

Our Olang BMX boys red snow boots are a very similar style, featuring the quilted nylon outer shell, however harbour an extra warm faux fur lining, with a durable extra deep sole unit and front zip opening instead of velcro straps, for kids to easily fit the snow boots on and off their feet.

Our Olang Eolo boys red snow boots are also designed with a quilted nylon upper, durable two tone sole, extra warm faux fur lining and a front zip opening for easy fitting. These classic snow boots are available in different sizes, at amazing value.


Boys Red Snow Boots Image 1

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Olang Goku Boys Red Snow Boots

Olang BMX Boys Red Snow Boots

Olang Eolo Boys Red Snow Boots


To view our full range of snow boots for both boys and girls, to keep your kids feet protected this year, please select the link.

If you require further information about any of our boys red snow boots above, please do not hesitate to contact us today.